Wednesday, December 09, 2009

To Philippe with love

A century ago, when I was 17, I had my first date in a house of my own, with a young goddess.
I arranged a fantastic table. Flowers, coquille St Jacques with grey shrimps, carpaccio, creme brulee and fine champagne.
Background music : the beach boys about surfing.

All wasted on that tart.
She was fantastic, hard body, c cup with nipples like my pink, a mind a la madame curie, and horny like madame de pompadour on a Wednesday.
(I will spare you a further description)

But she hated the beach boys and I ended with lots of dishes to clean and blue balls.

Well : honestly, maybe I was a bit clumsy and maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that evening that I was a peace nick and that I hated the Belgian army (her father was colonel and wing adjutant of our king)

Anyway, brother shachar, there are no beach boys on that music disk of yours.

So my request to drown in an evening of sentimental memories : do you have by any chance some music of the beach boys that you could forward me ?

Would be much appreciated


The Beach Boys - Hang on to Your Ego


Anonymous said...

Surf music? What were you thinking. Ok, you were 17.
Pet Sounds would have hooked her.


Shakey said...

Dont you mean decade? unless you were 17 a hundred years ago?