Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Guess who's back?

Seems like I needed a long time away from here, say three months in New Zealand and Australia, to get my ass to write something again. And travel blogs don't count, they are just something you have to do.

Relevant conclusions:
1. The only music to ever get to New Zealand is Jack Johnson's. Seriously.
2. The only music to ever get to Australia is Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Maybe I got it wrong, but really, seriously, those are the only things you hear around there. It's like being stuck in a semi-utopian-all-too-pleasant melodic nightmare. Put something else, put Britney, anything, please!
My alternative was the 1322 songs I managed to stuff into my beloved Nano. And as much as it sounds, no matter how much I tried to choose those albums with care I got bored very quickly. It's actually then that you realize who your true friends are. Mine, apparently, were the unexpected Regina Spektor (I really didn't see that one coming), Portishead's perfect and timeless debut, Rage Against The Machine (I don't even know why, it just works every time), one big Bob Marley and an even bigger Johnny Cash. You can always count on the classics.
On my way home, which passed through London, Shachar took a look at the album list in my beloved Nano and said: "Dude, you're stuck in 2006!"
Just for the protocol, I had a few 2007's, though none made it to the best friends club. I must be getting old.
In London, however, things started to look different. Sure, flying 9 hours from Sydney to Hong Kong, then 13 hours to London, 5 to Tel Aviv and finally 5 back to London,  and all within 10 days - that kinda thing makes things look different (mostly faded and blurry. No recommended)
But there's another thing. There are friends that you can count on to fill you in on all the best things that happened when you were away. The first sounds that came out of the stereo when I arrived in London on a Tuesday night were these. Our tastes may have grown a bit apart during over the years but you can still lay a good one, buddy. He is telling me where have you been? It's the hottest thing around these days, you wouldn't believe the hype. And I'm thinking, it's really great to not know anything about that hype, to have your true impression, an unspoilt honest experience. Free from any media build-up, any brainwash, anything. You just hear sounds and you think what you think, and that's it. You don't get any "Pitchfork 8.9" preface to the music.*
I like it.
I also like The Do, The Black Keys and... oh yeah, P3. Love it. It's good to be back.

The Do - Unissasi Laulelet (WTF, what is that language? Bulgaro-Norwegian?)

* Having said that, I'd still like you to read what we write, but that's different 'cause that's We.


Anonymous said...

Gasp! That's the last thing NZ should be known for. Someone should have told you to listen to 95bfm while you were over here. There's plenty of good music, esp. the kiwi stuff. And even though we are at the ass end of the world, the black keys are here in a couple of weeks...

Roi said...

Dear anonymous kiwi reader, I truely love your country and countrymen. Obviously I was mostly exposed to te backpackers side of NZ. Nevertheless, I was dead serious - Jack Johnson was everywhere...
Enjoy the Black Keys

Tom Somebody said...

your pretty much full of shit. jack johnson in new zealand? ahh... massive DUB scene much?
chilli peppers in australia?
are you kidding!? MUCH!??!

did u not turn on FBI in sydney or like someone else said 95bfm in wellington? did u not stay in a major city in either country?

perhaps im missing some sarcasm.

Roi said...

Dude, I'm experienced enough in traveling to know that a short visit to a place doesn't really allow you to know a place. All I can write about is my experience, which was funny and included a lot of JJ and RHCP. You can say whatever you want, and it's probably true, but you can't argue with my experience...

Anonymous said...

Oh poor unfortunate lost soul, you really should of looked past the jack johnson haze man, you'd think a travel blogger, especially of the music variety, would of been able to travel halfway round the world and find a plethora of new music to sink his teeth into.......
3 Kiwi Bands
H D U (High Dependency Unit)
and just for a laugh Fat Freddy's Drop
Chech them out

Anonymous said...

I lived in Australia (Brisbane) for 6 months and while I agree that there is a vibrant dub scene, I have to agree with the overload of RHCP. In addition, Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows was impossible to get away from. That was the one song that played everywhere I went.

I was able to check out some Australian bands such as Hilltop Hoods which is a great rap/hip-hop band if you're looking for one.

Anonymous said...

The Do - Unissasi Laulelet (WTF, what is that language? Bulgaro-Norwegian?)

it's not norwegian, thinks it finish