Monday, July 21, 2008


After I dissed Cansei de ser sexy for fading their songs out, a nice reader reminded me the fact that I'm an idiot who listened to a sampler in which all songs were incomplete and looped into oblivion...
Today the full album gracefuly landed in my hands and indeed there's no doubt. I am an idiot, just like our nice reader hinted politely. So what do we learn from that? That as long as you are right and polite you are more than welcome to bash us. We probably deserve it.
Having said that, CSS sound great (and yes, they finish their songs very nicely) and they deserved another, more positive, mention here. But since rumors are that the Sherif is lurking in the shadows I'm not going to put here any of the songs. Instead, here's the somewhat spookey video for 'Left Behind':


Ido Schacham said...

Looks like an 80s work out video directed by David Kronenberg.