Thursday, October 13, 2005

If only every girl were as good as this one

Even if you agreed with the very mild enthusiasm over Beck's latest album released March this year - "Guero” - you must catch the amazing music video done for the track "girl". Concept taken straight out from old Mad magazine back covers I've got rolling around, into a fresh 2005 music video. What you get: cool video, cool effects **bonus**: cool socio-critical narratives aimed at WASPland. Directed by "motion theory".


Shachar said...

או הו! ברוכים הבאים
אם אני יודע נכון, לך אין את פריוילגית הכתיבה באנגלית שיש לרועי. רד אל העם וכתוב בעברית. והרבה

FordPerfect said...

did anyone else noticed bezeq's sad attempt to copy the fold out idea in their new comercial 4 the 5 mega ADSL technology?

dotspot said...

fordperfect.. i heard about the attempt before it was going to be done - tried to stop it with my body.... didnt work. didnt actually see the result.